On the other hand, there are many instances where clients already have a translated text but need to ensure that its quality meets their requirements. This happens, for instance, when a document is updated and fragments or sections from a previous version are used, or when the client simply wishes to check an existing translation. In these cases, we offer you a revision service, where our team of translators will check the translated content against the original text, remove any type of error and ensure that the most suitable terminology and style are used. Similarly, we also ensure that the document follows the instructions provided by the client and that the formats of the original text and the translation match, and we polish certain stylistic issues, to further enhance the quality of the text. After this, the document will be ready to send to the client.

To complement this revision service, at Globalingua Translation we offer other related services, to guarantee that all texts are of the highest quality:

Proofreading or editing of a target-language text. In this type of revision, completed exclusively by professionals whose mother tongue is the language used in the document, the translation is not compared with the original text. This task is centred around detecting grammatical mistakes (such as non-agreement of gender or number), lexical errors (words which mean something different to what the author thinks), typographical issues (double spaces or spaces before punctuation marks), spelling mistakes repeated words, etc. To put it another way, this is a cosmetic or superficial revision of the text, to ensure that it reads correctly.

Format revision. In this type of revision, as its name suggests, the format of the document provided by the client is checked for possible errors. For example, this type of service is used if, after a text is formatted for publication, the client wishes to carry out a final check to ensure that there are no visually-perceptible issues in the document: broken lines or words, paragraphs moved to other pages for no reason, captions incorrectly matched with images, non-aligned texts, etc.

Translation and revision are two very closely-linked concepts since, to guarantee the highest quality in our service, we must run specific quality checks.