We guarantee the quality and punctuality of our projects by designing tailor-made solutions.

At GLOBALINGUA, our experience in the sector has taught us that the best way to achieve our clients’ desired results is by designing tailor-made solutions. To guarantee the quality and punctuality of our work, we apply a very thorough management system, which allows us to eliminate any chance of error.

At GLOBALINGUA, we have all the necessary attributes to carry out our work effectively:

Ability: We have the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to handle all types of translation projects. Globalingua Translation is formed by a team of specialised translators and revisers who are translation graduates with wide-ranging knowledge and extensive experience in the sector, guaranteeing the highest-quality translations.

Management: We have very clear criteria that we follow to make the best decisions and achieve our defined objectives. For this reason, our team is fully free to make decisions and use their own criteria to adapt the means, resources and abilities at their disposal to meet the client’s requirements. Moreover, we use translation memories in our projects, which enable us to store translated content. By doing so, we can take advantage of repetitions and partial or full matches in content, reducing both costs and turnaround times.

Responsibility: This is the force which drives us to give our best and fully commit to both our work and our clients.

Efficiency: We carry out our tasks in the simplest way possible, to drastically reduce the chance of errors and, therefore, successfully complete all our projects. At Globalingua, we manage all the processes involved in our work to enhance our capabilities. For this reason, we create term bases for each project that we take part in, to guarantee terminological consistency in all our assignments.

At Globalingua, we strive to ensure that our work attains the highest possible level of quality. This is why we have implemented the processes established in the EN-15038 European quality standard for translation services, which aims to define a reference framework to cover every aspect of the translation process, from receipt of the document to delivery of the translation, alongside other related issues.


When we receive an enquiry, our team analyses the document’s length, language, style and specific terminology and the deadlines required by the client.


Next, we prepare a detailed quote, specifying the final project cost and the exact delivery time and date.


Once the client has accepted the quote, we build a team of translators and revisers who specialise in the subject area of the project. The team translates the text, using the most innovative software tools and following a strict work schedule to guarantee that the set deadlines are met.


Once the documents have been translated, revised and edited, the project is ready for delivery to the client. The team of translators and revisers will still be available after delivery to resolve any potential issue or questions that the client may have.


We are committed to technology to offer real benefits.