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These General Terms and Conditions regulate access to and use of the website www.globalingua.eu, in addition to any liability resulting from the use of its content, which includes but is not limited to: images, software or texts; brands or logos; colour combinations, structures and designs; IT programs required for its operation, access and use, etc. Any individual who accesses or uses the Company’s portal shall have the status of User, (hereinafter the “User”), and upon this access or use shall accept these General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use, which shall be applied independently of our Contractual Terms and Conditions with which compliance may be mandatory. Consequently, Users must carefully read these General Terms and Conditions.


The Company’s website gives Users free access to internet content belonging to the Company or its providers. Users take full responsibility when using the portal and commit to making appropriate use of the content and services offered by the Company through its website. Furthermore, they commit to not using the aforementioned content and services to participate in illicit or illegal activities, or those contrary to good faith and public order, to cause damage to the Company's physical and logical systems, its providers or third parties, or to introduce into or disseminate through the internet computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems with the potential to cause the aforementioned damage. In addition to this free access, for certain services provided by the Company through its website, Users must register as clients and provide some personal data. In such cases, the provisions of the website’s “Privacy Policy” section shall apply. The content of the Company’s website is intended for end Users. Using it for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

The Company, in its own right or as an assignee, owns all the intellectual and industrial property rights to its website, in addition to any content owned by the Company or its providers. Users commit to respecting the intellectual and industrial property rights held by the Company. They may view the website’s elements, and even print or copy them, or store them on the hard drive of their computers or in any other physical format, provided that this is solely and exclusively for personal and private use. Thus it is expressly prohibited to transform, distribute, publicly communicate, modify, alter or decompile them and to make them available or exploit them in any other way. Users must refrain from deleting, altering, circumventing or manipulating any protection device or security system installed on the Company’s website. Under no circumstance shall Users’ access to and use of the website imply renouncement, transmission or partial or total licensing or transfer of the aforementioned rights by the Company.

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The Company reserves the right to make any modifications deemed necessary to its website, without prior notice. Thus it may change, remove or add to the content and services provided on its website, or their appearance or location in it.


Should the website include links or hyperlinks to other Internet websites, the Company shall exert no type of control over them. Under no circumstance may the Company be held in any way responsible for the content of any link belonging to a third-party website, nor can it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness, veracity, validity or constitutionality of any material or information contained in any of these hyperlinks or Internet websites. Similarly, inclusion of these external links shall not imply any type of association, merger or part-ownership in relation to the linked entities.


The Company shall take legal action against any non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions and against any undue use of its website, exercising all the civil and criminal actions to which it is entitled. Without the need for prior notice, the Company reserves the right to deny or disable access to its website or to the services offered on its own initiative or at the request of a third party, by any User who does not comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use. The headings of the different clauses are merely informative, and shall not affect, qualify or extend any interpretation of the General Terms and Conditions. Should there be any discrepancy between the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use and the General Contractual Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the latter shall prevail. Should any provision(s) of these General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use be considered void or inapplicable, in full or part, by any court, tribunal or competent administrative body, this voidness or inapplicability shall not affect the remaining provisions or the General Contractual Terms and Conditions. The Company’s choice not to exercise or enforce any right or provision detailed in these General Terms and Conditions shall not constitute renouncement thereof, unless this is acknowledged and agreed upon in writing by the Company.


At any time, the Company may modify these established Terms and Conditions, which shall be duly published as they appear here. These General Terms and Conditions shall be valid for as long as they are published, and for as long as they are not totally or partially modified, in which case the modified General Terms and Conditions shall come into force.


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