We are professionals with extensive experience in translation
and multilingual project management.

We began our journey in 2013 in Vigo (Galicia). Since then, we have progressively grown, expanding our team of translators and increasing our presence by opening a second office in A Coruña. Our current plan is to continue to carefully calculate each step and action to enable us to build on the solid foundation that Globalingua Translation is today. This sustained growth has allowed us to commit to developing our whole team’s abilities through a continuous improvement project, which involves both polishing different working languages and training to use and master the latest translation technology. By doing so, we can help our clients to overcome the language barriers that they face in an increasingly globalised world.

As part of our work methodology, we are committed to innovation, with the aim of offering our clients real benefits and ensuring a high-quality, fast and competitive production process. 

We have also built partnerships with different universities through work experience programmes, enabling recent graduates to acquire the practical knowledge needed to face an increasingly competitive job market.

Our experience, gained over the past years, guarantees a highly-specialised, flexible service that is tailored to your needs. Our success is your success.


Our success is your success.



Nuria Castro
Paula Dorado
María Donapetry


Nahir Lourenco
Marcos Martínez
Antonio Leal